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El 74% de las madres en USA juegan videojuegos

El estudio denominado Mom Gamers Study: A new generation of gamer, realizado por la Entertainment Software Association (ESA) a aproximadamente 2.500 mujeres en EEUU mayores de 18 años con hijos menores de 18 años en el hogar, revela que los videojuegos no son cosa de niños. Según el estudio, el 74 por ciento de las mamás estadounidenses encuestadas son jugadoras de este tipo de juegos, de las cuales el 35 por ciento lo hacen una vez por semana mientras que el 38 por ciento lo hacen a diario.

Además, el 30 por ciento de las madres jugadoras con hijos entre los 5 y los 12 años aseguran que los videojuegos les ayudan a conectar con sus hijos y el 56 por ciento asegura que jugar a los videojuegos es una actividad en familia en la que todos están involucrados. El 32 por ciento cree que los videojuegos les ayuda a practicar sus habilidades cognitivas y el 71 por ciento afirma que de esta manera controla el contenido de los videojuegos que ven sus hijos.

En cuanto a las plataformas elegidas por las mamás para disfrutar de los videojuegos, el estudio asegura que son muy variadas. Sin embargo, los 'smartphones' y otros dispositivos móviles son los más populares con un 65 por ciento de las madres que los eligen para jugar.

Pueden leer la nota de prensa en Ingles a continuación:


Moms View Games as a Way to Bring Families Together

Washington, DC – August 27, 2013 – Seventy-four percent of moms say they play video games, according to new research released today by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). The report, “Mom Gamers Study: A New Generation of Gamer,” found that among moms who play video games, 75 percent do so on a weekly basis, and more than one-third (38 percent) play daily. Moms play on a variety of platforms, but smartphones and other mobile devices are the most popular, with 65 percent of moms using them for game play.
“Video games create new bonding experiences for families,” said Michael D. Gallagher, president and CEO of ESA, the trade association representing U.S. computer and video game publishers. “From puzzle games to role-playing games, and across all game platforms, moms enjoy the full range of innovative entertainment our industry offers. As more moms play games, they also recognize the benefits of game play, including how video games help bring families together and exercise our minds in a fun and engaging way.”
Other findings included in the report are:
  • 30 percent of mom gamers with children age 5-12 say video games help them connect with their kids;
  • 56 percent of mom gamers say game play is a family activity that everyone can get involved in;
  • 32 percent believe video games help them improve their cognitive skills; and,
  • 71 percent of mom gamers report they closely monitor video game content for their kids.
“Games provide a wonderful platform for intergenerational play and learning,” said Katie Salen, executive director of the Institute of Play, a nonprofit design studio that develops new models of learning and engagement. “Kids often take the lead in showing their moms what they know how to do in the game—they are the experts! This gives both moms and their children a chance to interact and learn together, which we know from a developmental perspective has great benefits.”
The NPD Group conducted the survey for ESA among a U.S. representative sample of approximately 2,500 females over age 18 with children under the age of 18 in the household. Survey respondents who qualified as mom gamers said they currently play video games on at least one system or device, such as a smartphone, video game console, portable game console, computer, or other game system.

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